Fully electric Land Rover Defender One Ten to be used as Game Drive Vehicles

Vehicle is right hand drive and can carry 2 drivers and maximal 9 passengers

Complete off-road capabilities

Roughly 90% less maintenance than a gas powered car

Saving in lifetime driving/operational costs


AC Induction water cooled motor

Nominal Power 50 kW, max. 70kW

Nominal Torque 200 Nm, max. 300 Nm

35 kWh High density Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate Battery Pack
3000 cycles at 80% discharge

Battery life of up to 200.000 km

Features quick charge option from a solar panel system


Maximal speed 80 km/h

Average speed 30 km/h

Minimal range 90 km

Maximal charging time 5 hours

Vehicle efficiency 350 Wh/km

Regenerative Braking